So….. After MUCH soul searching and agonizing… I am being absolutely FORCED to attend the CT Romance Writers conference in May.  My buddy Viansa Blake will be there, along with our new friend Lindsay Downs.  Anyone else?  It’ll be fun…

Speaking of agonizing, I am having major issues with my book.  Well, books.  What I have now is going to be a two book, possibly three, series.  I have my heroine. But I have to make a decision about the plot structure, and the characters’ roles in the stories.  Once I make that one decision, this book should take off.  I’ve got so much done on it so far that I am hoping things should move quickly.
Green things and red things are popping up out of the ground, the rose bushes have leaves that are starting to unfurl.  I’m so happy.  This is the best time of year.  Except for when the rose bushes actually get blooms!  Ahhhh……
OK, so the check is in the mail.  I’ll be at the conference May 30-31.

3 thoughts on “Encore?

  1. I sent my check in today too for the CT conference! Woo Hoo! Spring just makes me happy too. Perhaps between the nice weather and the inspiration from the conference, we will be very productive the next few months!

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