NECRWA conference

I had so much fun this weekend!  I met so many wonderful people, including Janelle Dakota and Jen D’Ambrosio, members of my international writing group.  We’ve never met before, and I think we hit it off pretty well.  Of course, with things like The Fuzzy Wine Incident, hey, how can you go wrong?

The speakers were great, and accessible, everyone was so friendly.  I found Suzanne Brockmann’s luncheon talk especially inspiring, and was just what I needed to hear right now.  And several more… Eileen Rendahl’s talk on Setting as Metaphor was great as well, it really got me to understand that topic well.  And…well, just look at the program at NECRWA’s site.  I don’t think any of the workshops I attended were lacking.  The food was great :).  I’m very psyched up to write now, and have been inspired all day.  I highly recommend this conference.

4 thoughts on “NECRWA conference

  1. “Setting as a Metaphor” sounds so deep and important to a writer. I am happy to hear you came back from your conference inspired and fired up to write.Chura

  2. Yes, the Fuzzy Wine Incident! And let’s not forget the Dinner Buffet Incident. It was a great time (she says with a sigh of fond rememberance and a wistful longing to return). Thank you so much for allowing me to crash on your futon. You were an excellent host!

  3. I’m with you, the conference was great, the people, both aspiring writers and published ones, were just super nice. I think The Fuzzy Wine needs to be put in our stories!!

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