I’ve written my short short synopsis of Don’t Ask so I have an answer for people who are ask, “So, what you are writing?” It’s a lot easier to answer that question when you know everything that is at the core of the story, the things that are really important. It also makes editing and rewriting easier, because then you can say, “OK, this doesn’t contribute anything to the story or plot; as much fun as it was to write, it must be cut.” It makes things more coherent.

Man, the Sharks game last night STUNK! It was the worst game I have ever been to. See, I’m usually lucky or something. Until about halfway through this season, I’ve NEVER been to a hockey game where Worcester lost (of course, my friend has…and she went to the game a couple weeks ago that must have been one of Worcester’s worst in history…). Ice Cats or Sharks. And I’ve been going for years. But alas, this season has really been bad. San Antonio played well yesterday, and I might not have begrudged them their win so much had their BEHAVIOR been a little better!


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  1. LOL hey, I just posted about this on my blog, too. Uh…not the Sharks, but the short short synopsis. Bummer about the Sharks. Buck up: a little rain must fall on every true sports fan.

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