This makes me sick

You know, some people are just pigs. I’ve been following this case, and it is just completely unbelievable that people can act like such complete animals to another human being. And it has nothing to do with anything that the other people did, or how they looked. It has to do with these kids not being comfortable with who THEY are, and so taking it out on other people. Grow some balls and take a good look at yourself before you lash out at others. Stop being so damn insecure and realize that you are a teeny speck in this world, no bigger than a speck of dust, and it doesn’t matter who you are, or who anyone else is. The only way you can matter in this world is if you can get along with enough of people, to combine your specks of dust with others and make something bigger. People won’t remember you for you, but for the lives you have touched. And for you five young insecure idiots, you can bet that your lives will be remembered now by many, many people, as ruthless bloodthirsty pigs. I hope you get what you wanted from it. How noble of you, to sacrifice your futures and careers and families and reputations, to “stomp” the Goth movement.


One thought on “This makes me sick

  1. Ohmygosh. How SICK are these kids to have attacked that couple just for looking different? And that gang of teen’s parents…what kind of parents must these violent teens have that they have come this far in their lives thinking an attack on someone who is different is fun or even tolerated? That’s just pathetic. My heart goes out to the young woman’s family and the young man’s family. One life lost, another ruined. No, the lives of all the defendants were ruined, too. And for what? For lack of acceptance. Very, very sad. The world would be a boring, uninspiring place if we all thought, looked, and acted the same.

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