Flat Stanley

I went to see Flat Stanley’s Musical Adventures at the Colonial Theater in Boston today with my nephew. It was a lot of fun, very enjoyable. Except for all the damn crinkling of snack packages! Holy cow! All through the whole show the entire audience seemed like they were just chowing on pretzels and goldfish crackers. The noise was just a little too much. But I thought the show was wonderful. The guy who played Stanley was great, and I swear I know him from somewhere. It was so windy and cold in Boston today that we couldn’t really enjoy the rest of the city. We went to the Salty Dog for lunch, which was a little disappointed–I forgot it was Sunday in the winter, so they were only serving brunch. No fish and chips, which is my favorite there. They make the best!


4 thoughts on “Flat Stanley

  1. I’ve heard about the Flat Stanley production! Lucky you. I don’t know if it’s been to Seattle or not; if it has, we missed it. Good for you for taking your nephew. Exposure to the arts is good for the mind.Despite valiant attempts by the theater groups to teach children about theater manners and the adults who lead by example (I’m not counting those who don’t LOL), even in the best of situations, children’s theater is noisy. Seattle Children’s Theatre doesn’t allow food or beverages in the auditorium and it’s STILL noisy. It’s always a good show, though, so we go 3 or 4 times a year. In April, we’ll see The Hundred Dresses.

  2. See, I don’t mind the kid noise so much. Kids, by their natures, get excited and they blurt stuff out. It was a great show–I’d have blurted out if I was little too. But all the crinkling…*shudder*. It was constant, like white noise. Plus I kept smelling peanuts, so obviously it was a really good choice of me not to bring my son, who is deathly allergic to peanuts.I’m not sure how long Flat Stanley has been off Broadway, maybe it hasn’t reached you yet. But you can read the book!

  3. Oh, we’ve read all the books in the Flat Stanley series. Peanut allergies. Yikes. I see kids at co-op eating PB&J and I think of you. Is there anywhere safe from peanuts for you to take your son? Do you have to carry an Epi-pen?

  4. Darn it, i just typed a reply and it disappeared….Anyway, yeah, to make a long message short, we have to carry the epi-pen everywhere. There is always peanut remnant everywhere, from kids just eating snacks, especially at stores of any sort. Kids just snack all the time, and have that oil on their hands. The thing that sucks is that so many people say that their kids are allergic to peanuts when there kids just simply don’t like peanuts. So it trivializes the issue. I mean, if my son even breathes the smell of peanuts in, he can have a reaction. My nephew washes his hands, washes his face, and brushes his teeth, and if he kisses my son on the cheek, my son will get a rash on his face. I don’t think many people realize how deadly a peanut allergy is. And this one woman, who told me, “Oh, my son is allergic too! How do you get one of those epi-pens?” I said, “it’s a prescription from the doctor, I’m surprised you didn’t get one. It could mean the difference between life and death.” She looked at me funny. “yeah, well, whenever my son eats peanut butter, he doesn’t feel good for hours after.” I told her that her son probably does not have a peanut allergy. She seemed DISAPPOINTED! or offended or something. I told her that she could have that test done, but that if he could eat the stuff at all without falling over dead that chances are, he was fine (I don’t think there is any such thing as a “minor” peanut allergy). But it’s things like this that make life more difficult for people with real allergies. People begin to think it’s not such a big deal. At my nephew’s school they have the peanut-free table at lunch, and the workers find peanut butter on it all the time because other kids sit there. I mean, if my son sat at that table with peanut butter on it, there would be no way to get to the office in time to get the epi-pen before he had gone into shock or worse. THAT’S how bad it is. But people really don’t understand that.LOL my son is smartening up–now, if he doesn’t like something, he’ll say, “Oh, I think that might have peanuts in it.” Yeah….

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