I’ve been getting ready for the conference in April, and getting…well, plain scared kind of covers it. I mean, it’s sure to be fun. But these past five, almost six years, I’ve been so immersed in my own, personal life that my professional front has sort of lost itself. It’s like I’m starting all over in the “working world” and I have to get back into practice. I also have to write up a really short three sentence “pitch,” just in case someone happens to ask me what I’m working on. I don’t want to sit there and go, “Um…der….uh…” for a half hour ;). Or for two seconds, until the person I was talking to decides I’m an idiot and turns around and talks to someone else. Maybe they’ll talk to my friend Janelle, who will be there too! And they will pick her up, offer her a trillion dollar book deal…maybe I should use my idiocy as a tactic.

I’ve been doing work, but have little to show for it. Hopefully soon, though, things will all fall into place. I just know if I rush this story, the emotion will not come through right, and that is just the most important thing about this story.

Hockey tonight, Go Sharks! Cheryl, you’d better bring my signed Mink card!


One thought on “Anxiety

  1. Yeah, do that! Hooray for idiocy! LOL kidding 🙂 You will be awesome. I’ll be right there, looking like an aging suburban housewife. You’re bound to look and act better than me! Or is that I? (Searches for grammar book.) I’ve been scared/nervous myself. I keep wondering where my confidence went. I used to be so full of it. Confidence, that is. We’ll bolster each other up. We’re going to the conference to learn, right? We don’t have to be perfect, just determined!Regarding your “little to show” for your work. I spent a month gaining little on word count and bruises on my forehead from banging it against the keyboard, but it paid off over the weekend when I nailed down some too-loose story elements that were driving me bonkers. I now feel super-confident about the story. (Sure wish I felt that way about the conference!) You’re right: you can’t rush it. It took me a long time to nail those elements down. I toyed with scenes until the plot was just, I don’t know, READY to be tightened.

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