This crazy, crazy life

So, it’s been a while!

The biggest news since my absence is that I’ve acquired another bunny. His name is Fritz, and I adopted him from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in RI. He’d been needing a home for a very long time, most of his life. He has some special needs; he can’t be confined to a small cage, he needs lots of mental and physical stimulation or else he gets bored and gets into trouble. I had been watching him since last September, when I adopted Cricket from Sweet Binks. Buttercup chose Cricket as her friend, I didn’t have much to do with that decision ;), so Fritz had to stay there at that time. But I found that I just couldn’t stop thinking about Fritz, and how much he needed a home with someone who would appreciate his personality (seeing him as a fun bunny rather than as a bunny who just gets into everything). Someone adopted him late in the year, so I was happy, thinking that he had finally found a home. But….last month, I discovered that he was returned to the shelter. Dubbed as “destructive.” Hello. He’s a RABBIT! So we had to do some planning, and thinking, and finally, we decided, yes, Fritz is a bunny for us. And he really is. He’s such a handsome boy, and he loves to play. And…He’s been behaving perfectly so far. Hasn’t chewed a single thing. Even his bachelor pad, which has wood in it, has not been chewed at all. Buttercup and Cricket’s condo doesn’t have a single sharp edge in the whole place, it’s all been chewed (which is fine, it’s theirs after all!). Fritz is a great cuddly bunny.

The other big news: there is a freaking squirrel in my basement. It fell down the chimney, and broke out of the cleanout door in the bottom. It keeps hiding between the insulation and the floor of the first floor (aka, in the ceiling of the basement). We have a Havahart trap, which it steals the bait out of but never gets caught. It’s been down there for three days now…

The book is going pretty well. I’m working on part one in earnest now, trying to get it done by mid March.

And good luck to Cheryl, hope your offer on the house gets accepted!!! And to Kell, hope things go well.


2 thoughts on “This crazy, crazy life

  1. Welcome, Fritz! I can’t wait to meet him – and Buttercup and Cricket, too. If I get a bunny someday, I want a boy one so I can name him Mad Hatter. (Cliche is my middle name.)

  2. The only bunny we actually named was Buttercup (the name she came with was Pez, and she just was NOT a Pez. Plus she only had that name for a week before she came to us), and my son named her that after reading “The Little Bunny.” The two boys came with names. Though Fritz also came with the nickname PigPen. Cricket has the nickname “Spooky.” Buttercup…well, she’s “Butterbutt,” or “Butterball,” because over the winter she got that HUGE dewlap, and looked really tubby. But now that spring is coming, she’s slimming right down again.

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