It must be from that percentage of perspiration that, combined with inspiration, makes art…

I had a GREAT writing day today. Not that I got a huge bulk of writing itself done, but the entire plot for my story just dropped right in my lap this morning. I spent the day writing it out in outline form, and it is giving me that excited, nervous feeling that I get when I know I’m onto something good. Unfortunately, it also makes me feel like I can’t breathe! Good stress vs. bad stress..I wonder what the difference is, if any? Ah, well, give me the good over the bad any day! So basically, today I’ve solved things that have been plaguing me since I wrote the first draft of this story over a year ago. The only unfortunate thing is that the second draft is not going to resemble the first as much as would be convenient. Lots of rewriting. Oh, well, I’ll take that over a junky story that I can’t figure out. I hate that, when you know your story is crap, but you have no idea why…


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