Yawn…. (that’s Mad for I have no idea what to entitle this post….)

My husband is introducing me to a band called Squirrel Nut Zippers (swing, which I love). Their music is good, plus, their name is Squirrel Nut Zippers, which makes me happy, for some strange perverse reason.

I’ve shifted gears slightly now, and am working hard on my young adult novel, Don’t Ask. Now that I have much of my idea for GOTH down, I’ll let it cook for a while and mature. My stories are like good wine, they need time to age. Don’t Ask was outlined in October 2006, the first draft was about half finished in November 2006 (it has 50,050 words, guess what I wrote it for?). It needs to be 100k long, so right now I’m working on reading over the first half, making sure it says what I want it to, and then I’m going to kick the second half’s butt.

But, for now, to bed.


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