MMmmm, Warm Delight

I have a short story I’m sending out whenever I can get to the post office. This is a story I started writing over the summer (with an idea I got a year before). I wrote the whole thing through, did about five drafts, and put it away for two months. I think it’s finally time to let it fly.

Dessert review! OK, So I’ve been trying the Betty Crocker Warm Delights line of desserts. I normally don’t eat things like that; my husband loves to bake, and does so very well. But these here are very quick and easy. You just mix water into the mix in its special bowl, pop it in the microwave, and presto! Dessert is ready. And they are GOOD for the most part. But they are not good FOR you. Quite the opposite, in fact. Plus, with all the packaging involved, they are horrible for the environment. The bowl is recyclable, but the packets for the mix and topping are not, and also the plastic that wraps everything together. So the cons are actually a pro, in this case. That way, you won’t die from eating too many!!

Well, off to work I go. WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!


One thought on “MMmmm, Warm Delight

  1. At least now I know what to turn to in the grocery store when I’m picking up a last-minute offering for a group thing. I never know which ones are good.But you bring up an interesting point: I’m getting more and more annoyed with packaging! Yes, consumers want the products delivered properly, in a sanitary manner, and so as to preserve the condition of the food within. I’m one of those consumers. However, the further away the consumer is from the source, the more packaging there seems to be. I thought we were making strides globally on the recyclability (is that a word?) of packaging, but I’m suddenly (how many adverbs can I squeeze into a sentence???) finding fewer and fewer packages that can be recycled OR the recyclable packaging is so huge it’s ridiculous! Being a responsible consumer, the packaging has an affect on my consumer choices at the store. Um, you’d think I’d feel this way because I’m environmentally conscious, which I like to think I am, but my main reason is the clutter. I can’t stand tripping over clutter.Sorry. Kind of got off on a tangent there. It’s all about me. Me, me, me.Good luck to the short story 🙂

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