Ray, not Rachel

Some more comments of my Weekend Novelist experience. I’m finding it very helpful as I go along to think about the specific type of story I’m writing, and make sure that I am including the important things necessary to that type of story in my plan. Ray’s program is very generic and will work with any type of story. However, I need to make sure that I have the right types of conflict outlined, that are romance-specific. Otherwise, things could get over shadowed by other things that should be less important to the story.

I’m re-reading Leigh Michael’s On Writing Romance, finding chapter 5 (conflict) particularly helpful at this time. I’m hoping that over the week I get a rough draft of my opening scene done. Over the next couple months it would be nice to get a few weeks ahead of my schedule so I have some leeway.


2 thoughts on “Ray, not Rachel

  1. Interestingly enough, I was just having a conversation with another writer about conflict today. Conflict is one of those things that keeps the reader turning pages, but often we get caught up in plot details or character development and forget that the main conflict is what drives the story.Good reminder. I think I’ll go think about my main conflict now.

  2. Yes, I came across a short story a little while ago of mine that I wrote when I was first starting. I was so enthralled with the characters and setting that basically, that was all there was. So it wasn’t a story at all, but just a description. Or more like, “A Day in the Life of…”Michaels’s book deals with conflict with emphasis on the romance genre, and there are these subtle things that actually make a big difference when you are writing a romance vs. another genre. I found it very helpful.

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