"Mission… accepted"

Sorry, just one of those random Heero Yuy quotes…

I did more work on chapter one last night, though I’m really only supposed to be doing notes on characters right now… Woops. I figured I’ll just mix these weekend’s scheduled work into my chapter one work, and then all will be fine and on schedule. Actually, a little ahead of schedule, which is fine by me. My goal is to finish by Dec. 31, but it sure would be nice to get this done early so that I can get it out to people, get feedback, and then have time to do revisions before the 2009 NECRWA conference (or whichever conference I attend next year; I have to do more research on agents and see which conferences those particular agents are going to be attending).

I got the first half of the Gundam Wing series DVDs for an early birthday present. Hopefully I will get the second half very soon. I forgot how much I love that anime, I haven’t seen it in…heh. Since 2001. Far too long.

Ugh, I’ve just realized that my title is not longer entirely applicable. Not as applicable as it was, at any rate. That’s sad, I kind of liked it. Oh, well, it will serve fine as a working title, and it still sort of applies, though not as much.


2 thoughts on “"Mission… accepted"

  1. Ohmygosh neither of my titles apply on either of my WIPs! And you know how many I’ve had on the one.I’m in awe of those writers who come up with a title first and make the story fit it.

  2. I’ve discovered that my title still fits. In fact, it fits even better because of some irony. LOL what a happy accident!This was one of the first times I’ve ever come up with a title while writing a story. Usually it is a huge struggle which takes place after the novel or story is done. I am horrible at titles.

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