Delectably macabre

My husband and I (finally) went to see Sweeney Todd last night. I thought it was a great great movie. I absolutely loved it. My husband could have done with less blood, he said. Well, I suppose it wasn’t all necessary. It was very realistic. And yes, another part was a bit graphic as well. But it’s hard to tell if everything would have had the same effect if they toned it down a bit. The music was WONDERFUL. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were absolutely perfect in their roles. Tim Burton has outdone himself.

I went to a Sharks game Friday night, we lost after a shoot-out in OT. Sheesh. Looks like my good luck has gone away. I used to be lucky–Every game that I went to, we would win. My friend Cheryl gave me my birthday present when we went to the game, since we won’t see each other until after my birthday (unless I want to get my Graham Mink autographed card…). It was a photo of Riley Armstrong she caught during the team autograph event. LOL he’s such a goof-ball.

I’m making great progress on the novel. I may set it a little later than I had first intentioned (which is to say, go back to the ORIGINAL time setting…). I’m losing one character, and making another a little different. It’s very exciting, seeing all these changes and watching my story grow stronger and stronger.


4 thoughts on “Delectably macabre

  1. I think Mercury retrograde is the reason I’m revising as I rewrite. Our friend Ravenclaw says it’s a good time to evaluate and work on what you have already, so that’s what I’m doing.

  2. I gotta' side with Cam'. I didn't like the movie very much and for the same primary reason. I think there was a lot of blood in Sleepy Hollow, too–and an iffy plotline, too–but for whatever reason, I forgave its faults far more generously than Sweeney.BTW…did you like the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory remake?

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