Regency Cheese Party

I’ve been watching the British television series, “Regency Tea Party,” which I rented from Netflix. It’s a “reality” show like 1900 House, or Frontier House, where ten people have to live like they were in the year 1811. These shows kind of drive me nuts. I always find myself wondering why they don’t get people who would really appreciate the experience to participate in the show, rather than these weenies. I mean, didn’t they look into the Regency period at all to see what they were getting into? Much of the first show was whining about the parts they have to play. One girl wanted to quit after the first day. It was kind of pathetic. I won’t say anything more about what happens, but it wasn’t even as amusing as some of the other series I’ve seen. At least in the other shows, from what I’ve seen, the people complain either after doing back breaking work for a while (like days or weeks), or when something is exceedingly uncomfortable, or when they have to eat rotting meat ;). And the people are not getting into their roles at all, with the exception of maybe one guy. But that’s OK, because the birthday faerie brought me a surprise in the mail: the Special edition version of the BBC Pride and Prejudice. Thanks, JD!

I just finished reading The Pirate Prince. What a great book. I am in complete awe that this was Gaelen Foley’s first book. It shows no sign at all of being a debut. I highly recommend it. I want to read the sequel RIGHT NOW, but alas, I have to be moving on to other books that are demanding my attention.


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