Plotlines and Pirates

I finished Rogue’s Lady by Julia Justiss. It was pretty good. There was a weird plot twist toward the end that just seemed to come from no where, but other than it being sudden, with not a hint to it in the rest of the book, it was enjoyable just the same.

Last night I wrote about half of what I think might be my prologue. Plus I might have figured out what my main conflict is, and what happens at the end of “act 2.” But of course, at this early stage, it could change completely. It’s the first one that I’ve come up with so far that really works, though, so that makes me happy. I’m going to combine the work that I planned on doing over the next three weeks into one week (not so difficult, it’s character development, and things are going very well in that area), and then next weekend I am going to plan on starting with “Weekend 5” in Ray’s program. After that, I might skip a bit more. I find Ray’s way very wise, and will be following it in a general way, but I won’t be confining myself to the weekends only to work, and also, I wonder if because I have been writing for so long before this, a bit of his step-by-step could be abbreviated. But as I said, I will see what happens.

I’m reading The Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley. I love this book, and am flying through it.


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