Killer details

I stayed up late last night finishing Pride and Prejudice. I don’t really know why I disliked that book so much in high school. I liked it now, though the beginning was a bit slow. Mr. Darcy’s pretty hot.

Getting ready for this weekend’s writing project (blah, I have to clean off my desk. Again.). A few of the books I had to order through ILL at the library came in, so I have to pick those up. All this research is beginning to scare me. Every time I start with a new project, it hits me how little I know about something. Though I catch lots of mistakes in the books I read, I really don’t want to make any of my own! It almost makes me freeze up. I think the first thing I’m doing once I join RWA (the only reason I haven’t yet is the lack of funds, esp. after paying for the conference), is to join the chapter for regency writers, the Beau Monde. I think it will help a great deal with my confidence. Gaelen Foley’s website has TONS of wonderful, very helpful links and info on it. It is a great resource to get started with.

Now I’m reading Rogue’s Lady by Julia Justiss. It’s pretty good so far. There is a teeny bit in the first chapter where there seems to be some of that, “Well, as you know Mr. Bentley, because you are my best friend, I come from a very poor family and my aunt took me in when I was three etc.” Too much info stuck into the dialogue. Actually, it’s not too much info, it’s just that it could have been handled a bit better. It wasn’t natural for the two people to say those things to each other. But getting the info in artfully is hard to do. Anyway, that was only on a couple pages, and after that, it seems to be fine.


2 thoughts on “Killer details

  1. So what are you writing this weekend? Are you starting on the novel or just in the notes stage? Whatever you’ll be doing, I wish you much productivity!I’ll be joining RWA in Feb, and hopefully a local chapter, too. I’m also looking into MWA since I’m writing a mystery.

  2. It’s sort of both. I’m taking notes, but at the same time, I’m practicing writing and getting into my characters’ heads by writing some scenes as well. I’m choosing one event in their pasts, a turning point in their life, and writing a little scene about it. I’m hoping to maybe use my hero’s as the prologue, perhaps.I’m probably not able to join RWA until later in the year. I have window payments coming up, and I need to make sure we can get that to work out all right. But hey, maybe I can convince my husband to use some of his bonus money on that….

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