Background noise

This week I’m working on the background information for my hero, heroine, and one of my major secondary characters. Today I got a little written about my hero, but his name is still up in the air. Alan, I had thought at first. But now I am thinking something else will work better, even though I have no idea what that something else is. Also, when I originally came up with the idea for this story last year, he was in my mind as a guy around 35 or so. Now he’s grown much younger (but boy, is he handsome…I have such a crush on him ;)). Not MUCH younger I guess, but still in his twenties. I like the name Colin, but so many books have Colins. I guess the name will come to me.

I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, for the second time since I was in school. It’s taking me so long to read it though, I don’t get it. It’s amusing enough, maybe I’m just not spending as much time reading as I usually do or something. It’s frustrating, though, because my shelf is full of to-reads I got for Christmas!

Mmmmm…. Hubby is baking some brownies for me, I can smell them.


4 thoughts on “Background noise

  1. Hey, I have you to thank for an introduction to another fun-to-read author. I just read the free first chapter of a Julia Quinn historical through the link you provided.Amazing! She’s got the heroine, hero, story background and provocative scene all in the first few pages. A tough act to follow, but not impossible.Go, go, Ms. Madison Leigh!Celine(

  2. I really like Julia Quinn, especially the books in the Bridgerton series. Also, if you read her very first novel Splendid, you can really see how she has improved over the years; it’s very encouraging! I read her third (I think…) book little bit ago, and I enjoyed it a lot, so even between he first and third she just got really polished.

  3. If you’re in love with your male lead, then surely your readers will be, too, and it won’t matter what name you give him. You could probably call him Elmer and we’d still think he’s sexy.Okay, I’ll shut up about the name already!

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