It takes character

Did not do as much writing as I had planned to this weekend, but I did do three character sketches, as well as figured out a few plot technicalities. With this novel, for the first time, I am planning on using Robert J. Ray’s plan outlined in his book, The Weekend Novelist. I might shave off a couple months, by doing a little work during the week here and there, but I’m planning my schedule to have it done by the next new year. The tentative title, which I really hope sticks, is The Gentlemen of Thistle Hall (GOTH for short ;)).

I’ve just registered to attend the 2008 NECRWA conference in April, with my buddy Janelle Dakota. I kind of feel bad for the hotel we’ll be staying at. Just ask the Ramada Inn in Auburn, MA about what happened Christmas 1994… Oh, wait. They went out of business. Heh. No more witnesses. I wonder if that lady ever got her ring…


6 thoughts on “It takes character

  1. ROFL! Yep, lookout everyone, Trouble is on the way! *gulp* (What have I gotten myself into??)GOTH – now how did you manage that?I was hopeful that Weekend Novelist meant you could have it done in a weekend. Darn.I really need to quit hanging around the chat sites and blogs and get some writing done. I’ve posted on your blog twice today. People are going to think I have no life, which would be true, but that’s beside the point.

  2. Ray’s Weekend Novelist does the novel in a year–and we are talking a COMPLETE book. Three drafts. This is why I like his plan, it doesn’t completely ignore the revision process. It’s something I really feel like I can do.

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